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Equ.Media has experience in consulting top riders and businesses within the sport of show jumping and dressage with specific emphasis on Public Relations.
As media partner we consulted several prestigious competition series such as the Longines Global Champions Tour and Longines Masters. Our emphasis is in the creation, management and distribution of information about international riders and their businesses.

Equ.Media  can assist your business in designing and executing a social media marketing plan that can assist your business in reaching its goals

Equ.Media can offer your business the required content and knowledge to create an active, responsive and dynamic social media platform.

Equ.Media provides digital marketing services that include Marketing Strategy & Campaign Management, Newsletter Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization. Our Certified Google Partner agency also provides top tier paid search marketing services such as Targeted Search Advertising (Pay Per Click), Targeted Display (Banner) Advertising, Targeted Paid Video Advertising (YouTube), and more.

We offer professional custom coordinated photography in addition to our other services. Professional photography can complement our website design and development, social media management, social media marketing, press releases and public relations services with great effect.

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There are different marketing strategies, but all of them count on one thing: the content.

We create your web content or copyrighting to ensure people want to read what you have to say …

your businessBranding

A nice logo & website is a good start. We also ensure you get visitors, google or other search engines will find you.

We take care of your advertisement management and … the ultimate goal, let’s get some money (visibility) out that campaign.

finishing yourFashion

 Not only do we love fashion, we also help creating and hyping it. We publish the latest releases on Equ.News, Equ.Watch, Equ.Lifestyle, etc. We stand for creating the catalogues, fashion brochures, posters etc. … This with our OWN selected MODELS !


 A functional website with a neath design, that is what we stand for. Quality over quantity.
We make fully customable CMS websites answering your demands. We integrate a Social Media approach and if wanted management…. to top this all: Full service (fast) hosting.

I am a regular with Equ.Media. Not only for the branding but also the communication and advertising management of my company Equ.Media helped me to reach an international audiance and global reach.

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If you want us to help  branding, promoting or styling your business, do not hesitate. We’d love to help you on your way to succes. We are dangersously good in what we do, but don’t bite …